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Slow DownWe provide clinical counseling and coaching services to individuals, couples and families.  We can help you address challenges in your relationships or career, depression, anxiety and chemical or process addictions.  And if you’re simply feeling stuck in behavior patterns that aren’t taking you where you want to go and are looking for a fresh perspective, we can work together to identify behaviors that are more in line with your values and goals.  

4513 Lincoln Avenue (Rt. 53)

Suite 213

Lisle, IL 60532

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“Life is most of all an interesting adventure. If you feel afraid, consider tapping in to being interested and curious about whatever you’re afraid of, and you might notice it becomes a totally different experience."


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To offer a safe space where you can experience an increase in self-awareness, personal responsibility and accountability for creating the life you desire.



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Mindfulness Cards

Seven Days (and more) of Mindfulness. Use the cards as reminders of who you want to be and how you want to show up in  your day, or as opportunities to explore some new ideas in a deeper way.

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Audio Recordings

The Three Minute Pause and Mindfulness of Body recordings are quick, guided meditation exercises to help you push reset and come back to yourself for a few minutes anytime you need a break.

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Choose the short/simple or longer/detailed format. You can download and print out the instructions.  Practice with the instructions a few times and then you can take it on the road and do anytime.

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“I could write a book about how practicing mindfulness has made a positive impact in my daily life in the past couple of months…” —J.S. in Bartlett  

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