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Three Ways Resistance Can Sabotage Your Goals

And how you’ll know you’re making progress.   July 25, 2021   As Byron Katie, philosopher and author of Loving What Is says: “If you argue with reality, you will only lose 100 percent of the time.” Life hands you something you don’t want or doesn’t give you something you… Read more

How to Get What You Want

Be prepared to change your mind.   June 27, 2021 Whether you’re fifteen or eighty, you can identify a want and set out to achieve it at any stage of life. You start with one step in the direction of that goal. And then take another one, and another, until… Read more

It’s Okay to Feel Like an Idiot

That doesn’t mean you are one.   June 13, 2021 Let me count the ways I’ve felt I acted like an idiot or thought I appeared to be an idiot. No, I won’t because they’re endless. Whether I looked like an idiot or just felt like one, my take-away from… Read more

My Will, Not Thy Will, Is Where We’re At

And it’s not working. May 30, 2021   We’d all be a lot happier if we learned this in grammar school — just because we believe something doesn’t mean it’s true! At some point, whether we’re co-working, co-habitating, or simply co-existing on the planet, eventually our wants will clash with someone else’s.… Read more

A Change in Perspective Can Make All the Difference

Consider three ideas for a fresh take on your life.   May 16, 2021 A change in perspective can turn a lusterless, seemingly empty life into a rich, bold experience if you let it. Ask yourself, “What ideas are shaping my life?” Whatever your answers, ask yourself a second question:… Read more

When Your Reaction to an Experience Causes More Pain than the Experience

You know you’ve shot a second arrow.   May 2, 2021   Years ago, I came back from a ten-day retreat that felt life-changing. I was overflowing and wanted to share it with a friend. After a few minutes, she said, in essence, that’s nice, and began to share her… Read more

Being Quiet Occasionally

April 18, 2021 I originally published this post in 2015. It generated a lot of email responses and comments–which, incidentally, I love to get. Please keep them coming. The last six years have brought monumental changes to my life and the world. But one thing hasn’t changed. Too often, I… Read more

Using Anger to Replace Other Uncomfortable Feelings is a Dead-end Street

It’s like putting up a fence to keep out the air.   April 4, 2021 Using Anger as a Cover-Up Emotion Most of us didn’t learn how to allow ourselves to feel afraid or vulnerable. We did, however, learn how to cover our fears and vulnerabilities with anger because that… Read more

You Don’t Have to Meditate to Become Your Best Self

There is an alternative. March 21, 2021   Just breathe.   I’m a meditator. I teach meditation. And sometimes, for weeks in a row, I don’t get on the cushion and meditate. There, I’ve said it. But what I do every day is breathe. And I do it in a… Read more

All We Need is Attention

To make the world a lot less lonely.     March 7, 2021   “Those who are unhappy have no need for anything in the world, but people capable of giving them their attention.” Simone Weil Some of us are living in a crisis of conscience. We are ashamed that… Read more