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Take Four Steps to Say You’re Really Sorry When You’ve Screwed Up

Because we all screw up sometimes.     June 11, 2023   The other day I said something unnecessary and unhelpful to a friend. Have you ever done something you regretted and then attempted an apology that bombed? Or have you received an apology that made you wish they hadn’t… Read more

To Make Your Relationship Rock Solid, Do These Three Things

I wish I’d discovered them sooner. May 28, 2023   I’m a psychotherapist. You’d think I’d have mastered relationships before I jumped into this line of work. But it has taken me two marriages pre-psychotherapist career change and countless years of navel-gazing and working with others to figure out what… Read more

Ten Powerful Things You Can Do Right Now to Strengthen Your Relationship

Start with managing yourself, not them.   April 23, 2023   It amazes me how hard we all work to impress our friends and the people we work with. And then we come home with the idea that we shouldn’t have to work as hard to make our partners or kids… Read more

Three Powerful Ways to Get Closer to Being the Person You Want to Be

It’s more than just making a vow to be kind.   March 26, 2023 Only one thing is essential: to behave throughout your life toward the liars and crooks around you with kindness, honesty, and justice…Marcus Aurelius. We all love the idea of kindness. Most of us label it as… Read more

I Don’t Care How Many Books You’ve Read–Which One Changed Your Life?

If you read a book and nothing changes, what’s the point? March 12, 2023 You want something, but you need to figure out what it is. You know you want to feel different than you do, so you get another book with fifty-two ideas that will change your life. You… Read more

How to Reduce Your Pain Using a Simple Mindfulness Technique

It’s all about dropping your resistance.     February 26, 2023   Changing your relationship with pain probably sounds absurd when your migraine, toothache, or broken foot is pounding so hard you want to throw up. Pain is pain. But is it? Resistance, even resisting your resistance, is part of… Read more

How to Solve a Common Communication Break-Down

Without starting a fight!     February 12, 2023 Do you ever wonder how a fight with your partner or best friend started? You began a conversation with good intentions. You wanted to let them know how you felt about something they said or did. But before you knew it,… Read more

How to Drop Perfectionism and Adopt Authenticity

First, accept that you’re human.     January 29, 2023 Were you raised with the idea that perfection is possible? Did they tell you that if you work hard enough — are nice, generous, loving, grateful, and joyous enough — there will be a juicy reward, either in heaven or… Read more

Some People Know Love Is a Verb; Other Folks Believe it’s a Feeling

Which one do you think is more reliable?     January 15, 2023 Love as a verb is about how I take care of others and how I relate to them. Love as a feeling is about how others make me feel — it’s about me, me, me. Love as… Read more

How to Become a More Well-Rounded, Thoughtful, and Tolerant Human Being

Start hanging out with people who don’t share your beliefs or lifestyle.     January 1, 2023 Have you been lamenting the divisiveness in our country? Are you sick and tired of extremists? The folks who place everybody on the ‘other side’ into a bucket labeled Socialist, Nazi, or any… Read more