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What’s Your “Go-to-Place?”

January 19, 2020 Our “go-to-place” is where we go when we’ve reached our limit. We all have a breaking point — that place where life throws a bit too much, and we believe we can’t handle one more thing. Just like a computer program, it’s an emotional default where we… Read more

We Must Learn How to Ask Expansive Questions

January 5, 2020 The idea of skillful questioning compliments my never-ending quest to become a better listener. Sometimes a question is more than just a question — when it’s an expression of authentic curiosity, kindness or genuine concern, it becomes more. Expansive questions have the power to heal and bring us together.… Read more

A Rich Life Is Not Just a Matter of Chance

December 22, 2019 “We are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time.” At least that’s what Jim Rohn, a well-known motivational speaker, thinks. And I agree. Who and what we surround ourselves with will play a huge role in the degree of our happiness.… Read more

Hearts Don’t Just Break…They Break Open

December 8, 2019 Hearts grow too big to hold what’s inside, so they open. The only way to get at the good stuff is to let our hearts break open. Having experienced a broken-open heart more than once, I speak with confidence. Hearts break open with joy as well as… Read more

A Better Way to Be With Family on Thanksgiving

November 26, 2019 You just received a Seedlings this past Sunday, but I wanted to touch base again and offer some thoughts for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. Please go here to read more. Have a peaceful and rich Thanksgiving, however you choose to celebrate it. Much love, Read more

About Love, and How to Make it Less Confusing

November 24, 2019 “Love, what life is all about.” — Leo Buscaglia In the United States, unlike some other countries like Poland — where they have different words for loving people, vs food, vs objects — we use the word “love” for everything from how we feel about our romantic partner,… Read more

Healthy Boundaries Keep Us Sane

November 10, 2019 What the heck is a boundary, anyway? It reminds me of the somewhat polar term, codependency, a word thrown around so loosely that its meaning has been watered down to become almost meaningless. Wikipedia defines personal boundaries as “guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to… Read more

Take Settling Off the Table!

October 27, 2019 This post isn’t about me, although I’m using examples from my life. It’s about everybody who’s ever felt trapped in a life they didn’t consciously design, and they want more. When we tolerate living in a world where we are getting less than what we want, well… Read more

Confidential – You Will Never Be Perfect!

But it’s Okay. October 13, 2019 One of the most significant discoveries of the 20th century is that our brains are subject to change. For centuries we believed we were stuck with what we got. Meaning if we didn’t have our acts together by the time we were five-years-old, we… Read more

Complaining is not Conversation

September 29, 2019 “Complaining is finding faults. Wisdom is finding solutions.” — Ajahn Brahm The other night I was out to dinner, and I did it again! Tried to build a case about the injustices in the world. I was making my case with someone who already knows my position… Read more