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How to Not Waste Another Year

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, decide how you want to feel.   November 21, 2021   Stasia Savasuk, presenter and internet style coach for everyday women, says the three top New Year’s resolutions in 2021 were: 1. Exercise more 2. Improve Diet 3. Lose Weight Then she says, guess… Read more

The Single Most Important Factor in Your Search for Love

It’s not about finding your soul mate.   November 7, 2021   Your partner is not you.   We all know them — couples who incessantly bicker about how things should be done. Or the ones who’ve given up, detached to China because they haven’t learned how to solve problems or deal with differences.… Read more

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Ability to Change

Accept yourself just as you are.   October 24, 2021   That curious paradox — the only way we can change is to first accept ourselves just as we are — was identified by Carl Rogers, the father of humanistic psychology. Rogers spoke from personal experience. He wasn’t loftily trying to… Read more

As Children, We Are Groomed in the Image of Our Parents

  Discover how it is affecting you as an adult.   October 10   To know ourselves today, we can return to the beginning. To understand why we do what we do, we must first greet our much younger selves. Then we can tease out the adult behaviors that no longer… Read more

The Number One Thing that Will Make or Break Your Relationships

  Without it, you’ll feel like something is missing.   September 26, 2021   In my experience, after physical safety, the number one challenge to healthy relationships is a lack of emotional safety. In working with individuals and couples — and with myself — I see it over and over. It’s the off-limit topics that… Read more

Openness and Curiosity Are Super Powers

Use them to transform your little corner of the world.   September 12, 2021   “You will never be more powerful or peaceful than when you are completely vulnerable, with nothing to defend.” Unknown   I don’t know if I read that quote or made it up many years ago, but… Read more

How to Confidently Pick the Right Partner

Revise your understanding of who you need to trust.   September 5, 2021 As a psychotherapist, I often hear, “He’s only after one thing, and it’s not a permanent commitment,” or “She’s only after one thing, and I can’t afford it.” My response in both cases is similar — there are plenty… Read more

If Your Goal Is to Change Everybody Else, Think Twice

Because everybody you try to change will likely avoid you. August 22, 2021   Ever spend time around someone who is out to change the world, and that includes you? Byron Katie, a present-day philosopher and author, says, “There are three kinds of business in the world: God’s business, everybody else’s… Read more

How to Cultivate True Humility

And why the effort is worth it.   August 8, 2021   Humility can be a slippery concept. When clients describe themselves as humble, my first thought is often, hmmm, I wonder, is that true? When we’re sure we’ve arrived at humility, we need to be careful that what we’re experiencing… Read more

Three Ways Resistance Can Sabotage Your Goals

And how you’ll know you’re making progress.   July 25, 2021   As Byron Katie, philosopher and author of Loving What Is says: “If you argue with reality, you will only lose 100 percent of the time.” Life hands you something you don’t want or doesn’t give you something you… Read more