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How to Drop Perfectionism and Adopt Authenticity

First, accept that you’re human.     January 29, 2023 Were you raised with the idea that perfection is possible? Did they tell you that if you work hard enough — are nice, generous, loving, grateful, and joyous enough — there will be a juicy reward, either in heaven or… Read more

Some People Know Love Is a Verb; Other Folks Believe it’s a Feeling

Which one do you think is more reliable?     January 15, 2023 Love as a verb is about how I take care of others and how I relate to them. Love as a feeling is about how others make me feel — it’s about me, me, me. Love as… Read more

How to Become a More Well-Rounded, Thoughtful, and Tolerant Human Being

Start hanging out with people who don’t share your beliefs or lifestyle.     January 1, 2023 Have you been lamenting the divisiveness in our country? Are you sick and tired of extremists? The folks who place everybody on the ‘other side’ into a bucket labeled Socialist, Nazi, or any… Read more

The Choices You Make Today Will Determine the Quality of Every Tomorrow

It’s never too late to change your mind or your perspective. December 18, 2022 There is no getting around reality. Reality doesn’t care if you like it or not. Reality is what life hands you on a day-to-day basis. You can argue with reality until the moon turns green and you’re… Read more

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Well

Hmmm, is that always true?   November 27, 2022 Out of everything we hold dear, time may be our most precious thing. Do you want to waste even a little of it on doing everything perfectly at the expense of getting better and better at what matters to you? Practicing… Read more

Don’t Confuse Self-Absorption with Self-Reflection

How to make sure that doesn’t happen.   November 13, 2022 Both self-absorption and self-reflection require attention to our inner world. But that’s where the similarity ends. Self-reflection is about honestly exploring how you behave, not so much about how you feel. Instead, it’s seriously considering your character, actions, and… Read more

Three Unique Listening Skills to Make People Feel Validated

Earn their trust and become truly helpful by learning to listen rather than trying to fix. October 30, 2022 Your child, who you love more than anything else, is experiencing painful feelings. Of course, you want to protect them — make the bad feelings disappear. So you tell them you’ll buy them… Read more

Eight Ways to Increase Your Patience Until it Comes Naturally

Fake it till you make it with these patience hacks. October 16, 2022 Are you the most impatient person you know? Do you have a thirty second fuse before you lose your mind? I am one of the most impatient people I know. At the same time, I’m not a… Read more

Two Critical Things You Need to Know Before You Can Live Together in Peace

And one particular skill that will change every relationship you have.     October 2, 2022   You fell in love. Heaven smiled down on you. There was nothing the two of you couldn’t accomplish together — an unbeatable team. One was witty, kind, and caring. The other was responsible… Read more

How to Create Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationships

Spoiler: it’s not have more sex.   September 18, 2022   I’m back after a relaxing and renewing summer! I’m looking forward to sharing more on relationships–all stuff I’ve either learned through my own trial and error or through my clients’ generosity in sharing their lives with me.    … Read more