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Imagine a life where you are no longer at war with your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.  A life in which you’re in charge, rather than feeling like you are somehow being managed by forces outside yourself.

“Robyn was the only therapist I saw more than once, because I felt something was different with her. What I learned from her were important emotional and behavioral life skills.” BG Willowbrook

“Robyn has tremendous insight and an impressive ability to communicate her thoughts and feelings in a direct and compassionate way – somehow always highlighting and bringing out the strengths and good in others. In every interaction that I have had with Robyn, I have left feeling stronger and more empowered.” JS Naperville

Change is a law of nature – one of the few things we can absolutely count on to consistently show up, minute by minute, no exceptions.

Many of us have a bit of a love/hate relationship with change.  We vacillate between:

‘I love change and the accompanying excitement, and I want more of it – until I get one I don’t like’

‘I want it, and I want it now, as long as it’s something other than what I’ve got’

‘Don’t rock the boat, things are just fine the way they are!’

If you’re ready for a change, we can help!

We get it!  We have the same relationship with change that you do, because we’re all in the same boat.  Just like you we recognize the need to put effort into being intentional in developing a relationship with change that is less about painful struggle and more about using it to our benefit.

We present ideas and resources in user-friendly, non-psycho-babble terms because we don’t think life needs to be any more complicated than it already is.

We want to see you move in the direction of the life you want, not the life that you’ve sometimes been tempted to settle for.


Seedlings is Robyn’s semi-regular, twice a month blog.  It started out as a bit of an experiment; and it grew into a commitment.  About Seedlings Robyn says:

“It’s taught me to look at things with an increasingly thoughtful and critical eye.  In the end, Seedlings represents what I’ve learned from a lifetime of working with myself and others to wake up to our most authentic selves.”

Seedlings was recently picked up by Literal Shyft, a website that promotes the idea that mindfulness + meditation can revolutionize how we live, work and play.  Their motto is small shyfts lead to massive change. We couldn’t agree more!

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Most Recent Seedlings

Everybody’s talking about mindfulness.  But here’s the thing—I wonder how many people actually practice it and integrate it into their lives?

The Mindfulness Playbook offers a collection of slogans that arose organically from years of watching how minds work and noticing some of the ways thoughts can trip us up.

They are a playful way to encourage your mind to serve you, rather than lead you around by the nose, as it may sometimes do.

Here are a couple of examples
of how people have used the Playbook
in their own lives

“Robyn’s playbook took the vague idea of incorporating mindfulness throughout my day-to-day life from overwhelming to a reality. I worked through each practical idea at my own pace, which allowed me time to personalize and practice each concept in a way that added meaning to my life.”
~ from S.M. in Naperville

“I hear that I need to stay present, be mindful, from various sources.  But what about when I’m caught in my own circular thinking?  I’m mindful of my issues and I try to stay present, but it doesn’t seem to help.  Robyn’s Mindfulness Playbook gives me fresh, new ways of looking at myself and the world, with guidance and examples on how to actually move forward.”
~ From A.D. in Plainfield