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It isn’t always easy to decide to enter a therapy or coaching relationship. Here are some thoughts that might help.

Q: How do I know if Partners in Mindful Living is right for me?

A: In my experience there seem to be two sets of people for whom this work makes sense. The first are those who are experiencing success in many life areas, yet feel stuck around one or two issues. Others, for a variety of reasons, are experiencing a period of extreme dissatisfaction with life in general.

If you hear yourself making some of the following statements, you may want to explore whether or not they are really true for you:

  • It’s not that bad. I’ve lived with it so long, I can’t change it now.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • There’s something wrong with me; or something wrong with them.
  • If I do that, people will think I’m selfish.
  • I can’t say no.
  • But I’m too _____, so I can’t do that!
  • That’s just who I am. I’ve always been that way.

Q: How does it work?

A: A powerful obstacle to finding and living out the life we want can be a set of limiting beliefs. Beliefs are mental models of how things work. Sometimes we’re aware of our beliefs, sometimes not. Problems arise when we assume these beliefs (or opinions) are facts and use them as a basis for life decisions.

We’ll help you clarify your beliefs and values, and identify the things that really matter to you, to ensure that you are moving in the directions you want to go. Some of us are naturally more comfortable experiencing and expressing feelings. Others are more at home with ideas and concepts. Most of us tend to overdo some things and ignore others. Life is rarely orderly. We’ll also look at behavior patterns and see how they are working for you.

You’ll explore the skills of observing, accepting and managing yourself, identifying and investigating options, and making self-affirming decisions that lead to productive and meaningful action. Once you have practiced the concepts and skills in one or two life areas, you may find that they translate to other situations in your life. The frequency and duration of our relationship will depend on you. Together we will identify your focus.

Q: How do you handle fees and insurance?

A: The session fee is $150/55 minutes. We are preferred providers for BC/BS PPO and various other insurance companies. We will gladly file insurance claims on your behalf. Please note that you are ultimately responsible for your session fees.

For clients who do not have insurance or who prefer not to use their insurance plan we offer a sliding scale and we can talk about that when you call for your first session. If you do not have insurance payment is expected at the time of service via cash/check. Co-pay and/or co-insurance will be paid at each session.

Please contact your insurance provider prior to our first session so that you have a full understanding of your benefits, including deductible, co-pay and co-insurance. Some questions to ask your provider: What is my deductible? What portion (co-pay or co-insurance) am I responsible for? Is there a limit to the number of sessions, either annually or lifetime?