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Audio Recordings

Below are audio recordings of mindfulness exercises you can download and try. Each recording is briefly described and I have indicated the length as well. Feel free to share these as you wish.

These recordings can be used anywhere and anytime you’ve got a few minutes to spare, EXCEPT while you’re driving. Don’t even try it 🙂 And, before playing the recordings check the volume to make sure you have it at a soothing level. You may find it beneficial to use headphones. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking this out. We’ll be adding more recordings along the way. If you have an idea for a guided meditation you’d like to experience, please send an email to robyn1001@comcast.net with your thoughts.

The Three Minute Pause:
The Three Minute Pause is an exercise to help you see what it feels like to take a mindfulness break. Practice it a few times with me and then see if you can incorporate it once or twice a day, either guided or on your own.


Mindfulness of Body:
Mindfulness of Body is a longer exercise, approximately 8 to 9 minutes. It’s revised from an exercise by Sarah McLean in her book Soul Centered. It offers you an opportunity to be present with your body in a new way. Especially if you are experiencing discomfort, pain or illness, this exercise can help alleviate the tension that often accompanies physical distress. You are asked to ‘be with’ discomfort rather than trying to ignore or get rid of it. The body scan is a good daily mindfulness exercise to start or end your day.