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Kind Words from Clients

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn and grow from Robyn, both personally and professionally. Her willingness to share her knowledge, guidance, and unwavering support and kindness have been priceless gifts. Robyn has tremendous insight and an impressive ability to communicate her thoughts and feelings in a direct and compassionate way – somehow always highlighting and bringing out the strengths and good in others. In every interaction that I have had with Robyn, I have left feeling stronger and more empowered. She is truly a model of living a life consistent to one’s beliefs and values. Robyn has been, and continues to be, a role model to other professionals, those who love her, and anyone who has the opportunity to share a moment with her. Thank you, Robyn, for being you!” JS


“I’ve told many people that if everyone on the planet came to see you, Robyn, the world would be a better place.”  MO, Wheaton


“I could write a book about how practicing mindfulness (and Robyn too) have made a positive impact in my daily life in the past couple of months – but I will keep it short. I am someone who has struggled with anxiety for a long time. In the past few weeks, I have mindfully reviewed my thoughts and tried to stay in the moment. These small changes have made such a difference in my mood, outlook on life, interactions with my family and job that I am wondering why it took so long to figure this out. I am happy to say that my positive outlook has also affected the people around me. I have noticed a change for the better in my working environment and my daughter told me that I have inspired her (best compliment ever!). I still have anxiety, as every person does, but I am choosing to react in a different way. I look forward to everyday even if it is not always bright and sunny. To Robyn: I have been to other therapists in the past and found they were more interested in finding the cause of my anxiety (I already knew the cause). I left those sessions without any tools to practice or feeling a sense of accomplishment. I look forward to my time with you. Thank you does not seem nearly enough for all that you have helped me accomplish. You are a person that I would also like to call a friend.”  KG, Aurora


“I was introduced to Robyn about 18 months ago…. I had lost hope for my future, and was in need of having something that made sense in my life. Robyn helped me through all of that, and helped me to see the things that are important in life. …. [She] helped me to realize that I was strong enough to work through everything that needed to happen. Talking through issues with Robyn really helped ground me and grow as a person and helped me rediscover the path I want to be on.” JS, Bartlett


“Robyn is the best GIFT I ever gave myself! Whether you need a listening ear, productive feedback, meaningful praise or reflection, Robyn will help you live in the PRESENT!”  LC, Naperville


“I have worked with Robyn on and off over the years. When I find myself stuck on the horns of a decision that I just am not getting made, I have found Robyn to be a very valuable, trustworthy, non-judgemental ally in the process of getting on with it.” Unstuck, Naperville


“Robyn was the only therapist I saw more than once, because I felt something was different with her. What I learned from her were important emotional and behavioral life skills, such as how to accept unpleasant feelings and how to communicate effectively in difficult situations, so even though my life (the story) keeps changing I can apply the same techniques.”  B.G., Willowbrook


“More than listening and asking questions, Robyn offered pragmatic advice and a method to help me achieve my goals.” TC, Downers Grove


 “When I began therapy with Robyn, I had little hope in living. I had suffered with depression since I was a very young girl. Today I feel like I am actually participating in life instead of watching it go by. I’ve been married for three years, I’m working on my masters degree in teaching, and I’m singing at church and in the community. Oh yea, and did I mention that I have ridden my motorcycle for over two years and absolutely love it. Robyn helped me believe in myself.” JC, Lombard


“Robyn always helps me understand what the truth of the situation is. Having Robyn in my life as a life coach and therapist has been a comfort and a blessing.” NJ, Oak Brook