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6 keys to pure joy

May 14, 2017 I remember being a twenty-something — what it felt like to be alive at that age.  At twenty-something my future was forever, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Forty years later I feel enormous gratitude that I can still appreciate the magic of my youth, and also look forward to the … Read more

How to experience true love

4/30/17 The people who trigger, annoy, irritate, excite, enliven, or enlarge you are always more than the label you’ve given them.  Irritating, obnoxious, peaceful, narrow, worrier, closed, open, arrogant, loving, content, insecure, anxious, generous … everyone whom you’ve ever burdened with a label is so much more than the ideas you have about them. The … Read more

5 keys to enlightenment

April 16, 2017 Mindfulness is the topic du jour, and it doesn’t look like it’s going out of style any time soon. You can’t turn around without hearing a word or phrase related to it — meditation, acceptance, letting go, enlightenment… In some ways each term has been endowed with mythical characteristics, but enlightenment may take the … Read more

What’s your one-line message to the world?

April 2, 2017 I came across five questions in an interview.  They grabbed me. My answers are profoundly different than they would have been twenty, ten or even five years ago.  I suspect that five years into the future, if I go through this exercise again, my answers will reflect new experiences and new … Read more

Just 90 seconds …

March 19, 2017 Being human means that we’re attracted to what feels good, and resistant to what doesn’t.  That’s the ground of our humanness, and a primary cause of our fear and suffering. Aware of it or not, we bounce between those two states all day, every day, throughout our lives.  Always with the intention … Read more

Fact of life: relationships are difficult

February 26, 2017 Scott Peck opened his book, The Road Less Traveled, with the statement “Life is difficult”.  With those three words I nominate him for an award for all-time best opening line of any book. I’m opening with “Relationships are difficult”.  Relationships with people we care about are hard.  We need all the help we … Read more

What makes a question more than just a question?

February 12, 2017 A question becomes more than just a question when it’s transformed from a superficial or challenging statement into an expression of love. The image above is the infinity symbol – two circles elegantly and inextricably linked.  Read on to see what they represent–the most fundamental components of your relationship toolbox. In Becoming Wise:  … Read more

If you let go of some of the rules … chaos?

January 18, 2017 How many of your decisions are really your decisions? I’ve been looking back at my life and taking inventory.  I’m wondering how many of my decisions have been decisions that:  others wanted me to make; or that my younger, less experienced self would make; or that I think I ‘should’ make because … Read more

Hearts don’t just break — they break open

December 31, 2016 Hearts don’t just break — they grow too big to hold what’s inside, and they open.  Robyn Norman Having experienced a broken open heart more than once, I know from whence I speak. I’ve learned that the only way to get at the good stuff is to let our hearts break open.  And hearts break … Read more

My ‘right’ or your ‘right’

December 15, 2015 What would happen if I didn’t cave in to the hard-wired compulsion to be right that seems to live in me and in almost everyone I know? If I didn’t need to be right I might ask more questions and offer fewer declarations – which might open the door for you to … Read more