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A mindfulness gift and a request for help

August 13, 2017 THE GIFT The gift is my brand new Mindfulness Playbook.  You can find it here.  It’s a collection of slogans that have arisen organically from years of watching how minds work.  It’s an opportunity for you to playfully explore ideas.  Don’t take any of them too seriously – the operative word is … Read more

About Love

August 6, 2017 “Love, What life is all about …”  Leo Buscaglia Love seems to be one of the least understood and most over-used words in the English Language.  Most of us think we’re pretty good at it, until we realize we struggle to define it for ourselves, much less reach a concensus with someone else.  … Read more


July 23, 2017 This is the second in a short series of posts clarifying some common, and sometimes overly used, terms. The topic is codependency.  I’ll attempt to 1) clarify it, 2) normalize it, and 3) offer a reframe for how to look at it. Codependency is when you believe that ‘they’ are responsible for … Read more


July 10, 2017 This is the first in a series exploring terms that seem to create confusion or make people’s hair stand on end, either from shame or in judgment of someone else. Boundaries… You need to have healthy boundaries! They have crossed a boundary they shouldn’t have! You better figure out what your boundaries … Read more

Taking responsibility = taking action

June 22, 2017 It’s so easy to see what’s wrong with ‘them’.  And once we’ve seen it, talking about it with anyone who will listen, ad nauseam, is a great distraction from how impotent or frustrated we feel. The boss is an idiot, the guy who voted for the ‘wrong’ candidate and still supports him … Read more

Want to reduce your suffering?

June 4, 2017 Let’s explore pain and how you might develop a different relationship to it. The idea is that by changing your perspective — your thoughts and attitudes about pain — you can change how you experience it. Sounds crazy, I know.  Pain is pain. But is it? Pain is literally comprised of a … Read more

6 keys to pure joy

May 14, 2017 I remember being a twenty-something — what it felt like to be alive at that age.  At twenty-something my future was forever, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Forty years later I feel enormous gratitude that I can still appreciate the magic of my youth, and also look forward to the … Read more

How to experience true love

4/30/17 The people who trigger, annoy, irritate, excite, enliven, or enlarge you are always more than the label you’ve given them.  Irritating, obnoxious, peaceful, narrow, worrier, closed, open, arrogant, loving, content, insecure, anxious, generous … everyone whom you’ve ever burdened with a label is so much more than the ideas you have about them. The … Read more

5 keys to enlightenment

April 16, 2017 Mindfulness is the topic du jour, and it doesn’t look like it’s going out of style any time soon. You can’t turn around without hearing a word or phrase related to it — meditation, acceptance, letting go, enlightenment… In some ways each term has been endowed with mythical characteristics, but enlightenment may take the … Read more

What’s your one-line message to the world?

April 2, 2017 I came across five questions in an interview.  They grabbed me. My answers are profoundly different than they would have been twenty, ten or even five years ago.  I suspect that five years into the future, if I go through this exercise again, my answers will reflect new experiences and new … Read more