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Using Mindfulness to Reduce Physical Discomfort

September 19, 2020 This post was originally posted in early 2017. I moved last weekend and rather than skip a publication date, I updated this post that seemed to be a favorite. Hope that you enjoy it. If you want to reduce your suffering, change your relationship to pain. The idea is that by changing …

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In Search of Honorable Relationships

July 12, 2020 Honorable relationships depend on our ability to explore the things we believe we can’t talk about. Emotional intimacy requires that we ask the questions, even when we’re not sure we want to hear the answers. Life is a touchingly brief opportunity to taste just about anything our hearts desire. Love, then, is …

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You Are Who You Repeatedly Tell Yourself You Are

June 28, 2020   You’ve heard it before. Change your mindset, and your world will transform. “To become a different kind of person is to experience the world differently. When your mind changes, the world changes. And when we respond differently to the world, the world responds differently to us.” — David Loy, in “Rethinking Karma” We …

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