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You Are Who You Repeatedly Tell Yourself You Are

June 28, 2020   You’ve heard it before. Change your mindset, and your world will transform. “To become a different kind of person is to experience the world differently. When your mind changes, the world changes. And when we respond differently to the world, the world responds differently to us.” — David Loy, in “Rethinking Karma” We …

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Resilience is a Necessity, Not a Superpower

April 19, 2020 The only way we will be defeated during this unimaginable time is if we give up or turn on ourselves, or each other. We need to become intentional in ratcheting up our resilience by doing everything in our power to remind ourselves of the best of who we are. What is Resilience? Resilience …

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Acceptance = Open Mind

April 5, 2020 Resistance = closed mind. Resistance is about refusing to accept something that is physically, mentally, or emotionally painful or uncomfortable. Logically, the simple alternative is to accept whatever shows up—although not as easy as it sounds because we’re talking about accepting discomfort as well as pleasure. The shift from resistance to acceptance …

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How Will We Know When We Have Become Wise?

March 8, 2020 We will know we have become wise when we’ve learned to sit on the edge. Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. It is the combination of the first two that allow for the third. Experience is a given with the passage of time, and we have limitless …

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Life is More than the Designer Moments

February 16, 2020 Life is more than the designer moments If we treat each moment as an end in itself. We like movies that reflect designer moments. The hero, though smaller, wins the fight with the proverbial Goliath. He rescues the heroin seconds before she will fall off a cliff. Is there anybody who doesn’t …

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