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Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Well

Hmmm, is that always true?   November 27, 2022 Out of everything we hold dear, time may be our most precious thing. Do you want to waste even a little of it on doing everything perfectly at the expense of getting better and better at what matters to you? Practicing psychologist and writer Daniel Gottlieb, …

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Don’t Confuse Self-Absorption with Self-Reflection

How to make sure that doesn’t happen.   November 13, 2022 Both self-absorption and self-reflection require attention to our inner world. But that’s where the similarity ends. Self-reflection is about honestly exploring how you behave, not so much about how you feel. Instead, it’s seriously considering your character, actions, and motives, and then telling yourself …

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How to Create Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationships

Spoiler: it’s not have more sex.   September 18, 2022   I’m back after a relaxing and renewing summer! I’m looking forward to sharing more on relationships–all stuff I’ve either learned through my own trial and error or through my clients’ generosity in sharing their lives with me.     Insulting your partner is damaging. …

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How to Handle Insecurity so it Works For You, not Against You.

Stop running away from it — stare it straight in the face, and use it. June 19, 2022   Facing feelings of insecurity is like asking someone to stab themself in the eye with a pencil. Who wants to see characteristics that can come from insecurity, much less confront them? Negative self-image. Perfectionism. Jealousy. Isolation. Emotional dependence. Bullying. …

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How to Live a Big Life

Learn to take reasonable risks and use lots of discretion in listening to others’ advice.     May 22, 2022   Living a big life takes courage. To over and over stand at the edge of a metaphorical cliff and take a step, not knowing the exact outcome. Each time you take a reasonable risk, you …

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