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How to Handle Insecurity so it Works For You, not Against You.

Stop running away from it — stare it straight in the face, and use it. June 19, 2022   Facing feelings of insecurity is like asking someone to stab themself in the eye with a pencil. Who wants to see characteristics that can come from insecurity, much less confront them? Negative self-image. Perfectionism. Jealousy. Isolation. Emotional dependence. Bullying. …

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How to Live a Big Life

Learn to take reasonable risks and use lots of discretion in listening to others’ advice.     May 22, 2022   Living a big life takes courage. To over and over stand at the edge of a metaphorical cliff and take a step, not knowing the exact outcome. Each time you take a reasonable risk, you …

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Mindfulness Practice Doesn’t Make You Perfect

It won’t even eliminate discomfort — but if you embrace it, your life will be richer. March 27, 2022     If you seriously engage in a mindfulness practice it will almost certainly help you learn to laugh at yourself, or at least take yourself — your thoughts and beliefs — a bit less seriously. And who doesn’t need a little of …

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How to Live Above the Line

And get back quickly when you fall below.     March 13, 2022 Georgia O’Keeffe said, I have been afraid every moment of my life, and it hasn’t kept me from doing anything. I too have been afraid every moment of my life, and sometimes it has kept me from doing things. I don’t think anybody arrives at perfect …

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Embrace Five Words to Create Change in Your Life

And they’re not “You can never have enough.”   February 27, 2022   Don’t get me wrong. Financial and material stability matter to me — I never want to become a burden. But if you want more out of life than financial and material stability, consider what my first master’s program professor, Dr. Froehling, said …

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