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Five Minutes To Fine


Periodically I throw out a few words on why to meditate, or barriers to look out for, or tips for a more satisfying experience.   Today I simply want to offer a gentle nudge in case you’re sitting on the fence about whether or not to give meditation a try.

Give it five minutes.  Simply watch your thoughts for five minutes.  Watch them with no resistance, which means not beating yourself up because the thoughts that arise aren’t snowy white or dripping with love and generosity.

The thoughts come whether you want them or not.  Meditation’s gift is that it helps you see your thoughts for what they are—a bunch of words strung together, and the only meaning they have is the meaning you give them.  They don’t define you or own you.  When you meet them with openness, willingness and curiosity, even the darkest thoughts seem to lose their power to frighten.

So for five minutes, notice when you’re caught up in a thought, or a story, or a picture in your head, and simply let it drift away like a leaf on a stream and bring your attention back to your breath.

For five minutes give yourself the gift of simply inhabiting your life, exactly as it is, right now.  And see if you notice that weirdly, no matter how awful yesterday was or how scared you are about tomorrow, in this moment, focusing on your breath, you’re always just fine.