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Four questions to kick-start a stalled life

February 8, 2016

Four questions for you (me/us):

What would be left undone if you died today?

How can you live most fully in whatever time you have left (regardless of any limitations you may have – and I mean any)?

What are you putting off till you have more money, motivation, time, energy, support, hope, intelligence, the right skirt, the right girlfriend, the right children, the right body…?

What will make you scream Oh crap! as you’re contemplating your navel and your life and realize you didn’t do it…and time’s up?

Start small.  Smile more.  Set an intention to notice what’s working and pay less attention to what’s not.  Make the call.  Apologize.  Say thank you, a lot.  Say I love you.  Move.  Walk the dog more often.  Hold doors open.  Pick up a piece of trash instead of complaining about it or stepping over it (unless it’s really gross).  Carry a couple bucks to give to whoever asks.

Gradually move up to a little more risky.  Work your ass off if you love your job.  If you don’t, find another job or a hobby that you love and work your ass off there.  Tell her you’re going to find somebody who makes you feel good about yourself, and walk away.  Ask him to go for coffee.  Bake cookies for a neighbor you’d like to get to know.  And yeah, guys, you can do that too…you’ll probably get more points than the women.  Skip a couple steps or do a little dance even if somebody’s looking.  Grin at the person driving the car that just pulled up beside you–and don’t look away until they smile back.  So far, I’ve always gotten a smile.  (That one sounds easy, but it’s actually pretty uncomfortable until you get used to it.)

Stop putting it off.  Give yourself the gift of life now, today.  Share it.  The likelihood that you’ll make someone else’s day is higher than you might think, and the likelihood that you’ll arouse a renewed sense of vibrancy inside yourself is even higher.

Much love,