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Today I Woke Up to the Present Moment

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And I’m ready for it.


January 16, 2022


It happened last week. I had an epiphany.

I’ve spent enough time with the past. I understand what happened, what it did to me, and where I need work.

It’s time to stay firmly planted in the present.

I’ve uncovered, explored, and to some degree, made sense of the past. I know what it left me with; I don’t need to keep revisiting.

So back to the process, the routine, of turning my attention inward, to focusing on right now.

I’m ready to work with what is left — excited to shore up those frightened parts of me so they feel safe, competent, dignified, and joyful.

Much love,


  1. Linda Sharbaugh says:

    This is so beautiful, Robyn. Thank you (as always) for the much-needed dose of mindfulness and inspiration.

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