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3 Minutes/7 Days

June 2, 2013

Add one something, anything, that you think might benefit you.  Pick a thing that you think you need to do in a big way but you don’t do it because it’s too hard.  And instead of biting off the whole thing, take one small bite.  And do it for only 3 minutes, for 7 days.

• Take a seat and focus on your breath for 3 minutes.

• Chug an 8 oz glass of plain water.  (It’s weird, but even people who hate water begin to crave it when they replace pop with it.)

• Make a protein smoothie if you never eat breakfast.

• Make a lunch to take to work.

• Read something that used to inspire you.

• Go outside and stand in nature.

• Pray

If losing three minutes bothers you, eliminate one thing to add 3 minutes back into your day for 7 days:

• Don’t check your phone when you first think of it; waiting 3 minutes might give you back 15.

• Don’t have the cookie or candy bar you always have at 3:15.

• Don’t grouse about your lousy boss.

• Don’t ruminate about what you should be doing but aren’t.  (This one might give you back 3 hours!)

You get the picture.  Pick one, small, significant change and commit to it for 7 days.  Don’t make it big, or really hard, or dramatic.  What you’ll be doing is called Kaizen, taking small steps that have the potential to create lasting change.

No drama, just intention and commitment.  I’d love to hear what you pick.


  1. Lisse says:

    Thanks Robyn. I have been wanting to start running and keep thinking of doing it, wanting to do it, but not doing it. So tomorrow, I am starting to run for just 3 minutes each day for one week. I am hoping that this baby step will allow me to eventually run a 5K. Thanks.

  2. Rita Alenciks says:

    Hi Robyn…Instead calling myself a “guitar wanna be” I am choosing to learn a chord a week for only 3 minutes a day. I will add the “new” chord to the few I already know, at the end of each week! Perfect timing Robyn for me to read your blog…thanks for the inspiration! Rita A.

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