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Are Your Eyes Closed When They’re Open?

March 15, 2014

How often are you really present, open hearted and curious?

Here’s how it goes for me.  I start my day with the intention to keep my heart open, to be curious and interested, no matter how difficult things get.

But then someone doesn’t cooperate, I don’t get my way, I’m not understood.  And I’m lost.

Lately I’ve noticed that I can shift from pleasure to pain and back again at warp speed.  In fact, the time that I’m either in a subtle state of trying to hold on to something I have, craving something I don’t have, or wanting to get rid of something I do have, is pretty much all the time.  Replaced only when I’m in a state of automatic pilot where I’m not aware of much of anything!!  So really, how often am I in the present moment?

I’ve discovered that when I’m in any of the four states outlined above, attachment, craving, aversion or automatic pilot, I’m literally wasting my life.  I don’t notice  things as big as the tree in front of me, I don’t see your concerns or needs, sheesh, I don’t even notice the taste of whatever it is I’m putting in my mouth.

So in case I get hit by a truck tomorrow and this is it, I’m going to try to notice what’s in front of my nose today, instead of being led around by it.  I hope we see each other!

Much love,