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Everything I Need To Know I Didn’t Learn In Kindergarten

May 12, 2012

Turns out one of my most important life lessons has been something I could only learn in hindsight.  I’m finding that if I wake up every morning and set my intention to stay open to everything,  and I mean everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly–each day seems to be richer than the one before.  (Come on, kindergarteners aren’t necessarily open to much, they won’t share their ice cream, or their mother, or eat spinach.  Those skills come later, if ever.)

I think we’re pretty hard-wired to resist anything that creates discomfort.  So I’m not suggesting it’s easy.  In my case it’s an intention, not a done deal.

Staying open to whatever shows up requires mindfulness.  It requires trust in my inherent and learned skills and abilities, and especially my ability to use discretion about when to say no.  In the last six months I’ve said yes to more things I was afraid of, or sure I couldn’t do, than I’ve said in the previous six years.

I’ve also said some no’s.  But in every case I at least considered being open.  I wasn’t always able to do it.  In some cases that served me.  Sometimes no is the right answer even when I’m being open.  In the other cases,  I’m working on it.

The result is that pretty much every morning I’m pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming, and wondering how I didn’t see the benefits of setting this intention earlier.  And then I remember, everything I need to know I didn’t learn in kindergarten.  Some of it I needed to get in hindsight.

Is there anything you might say yes to today if you met it with just a little more openness and a little more trust in your inherent ability to handle it?



  1. Scott says:

    I love your Seedlings Robyn. And so appropriately named. They really make me think about myself and how I react to life situations and others around me. I’ve got enough “working on it” to do to last 5 lifetimes. But that’s part of what makes it so fun and challenging. While I’ve only been a client for about 6 months now, I’ve learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know. Especially the limitations of the “That’s just who I am.” statement. Thanks for continuing to help me improve.

  2. I really relate to the idea of intention. I know that when I approach the day, if I have intentionally told myself to enjoy, notice, listen deeply, accept, not judge, etc., I become aware of numerous opportunities to do so. The intention seems to set me up to do it. So tomorrow, that is my plan.

    • robyn1001 says:

      Bill, I’m adding listen deeply to my intention around staying open. Thank you! Robyn

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