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February 10, 2012

No matter what time it is—I happen to be writing this in the evening—somewhere in the world, it’s morning.  Morning = fresh starts and new beginnings.  It represents the miracle of being present in the moment.

Every moment presents me with the opportunity to stop, breathe,  and let go of the myriad stories I’m lost in.  Every moment I can look at my life with a fresh eye, and change course.  And if I’m not ready right in this moment, no worries.  I have the next moment waiting for me.

A friend told me a story.  She was with her daughter and granddaughter.  Her granddaughter was ready with her phone to make a video of my friend’s reaction to an announcement her daughter was making.  She made the announcement and my friend’s first reaction was shock.  In her words, it wasn’t her best moment.  And then her granddaughter, with a big smile, piped in with: “Grammie, want a do-over?”

We all get do-overs if we want them!!  We don’t have to settle for what we’ve always done, or believe that it’s too late to change.  My friend chose the do-over.  It’s captured on video and it reminds her of who she decided to be in that moment.

Much love,

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