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Purpose Schmurpose!

July 26, 2014

A client recently came in expressing frustration with being endlessly confronted with the suggestion that he should have a purpose.  And he said: “What if I don’t have a bleeping purpose!?  What if I don’t ever have one?  What if I don’t care?!”

I loved that!  Because it raised the important question of what does purpose even mean?  The popular definition has all kinds of inherent shoulds.  I should make an important (what defines important?!) contribution.  To whom?  To what?  I should be doing something that matters…define what matters!!  I should be important.  Ok, just shoot me!!

The idea I’d like to leave on your table is to bring yourself back to the real world.  Ask yourself who you want to be today, right now, in this situation.  I can get my arms around that.  Working from that place feels do-able, and it feels like enough.

Does that seem like enough to you?

Much love,

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  1. Dick says:

    Brilliant observation by Robyn, and the client’s question (all questions, really) is an excellent one. I love questions, because they force me to think. My brain is designed so that subconsciously it seeks an answer. When I actually think things through accurately (something that requires teaching and training) then I can discern the value of any information my brain is processing. What is my purpose…that changes with knowledge, time, and experience…and the engagement with others in the process of continual inquiry.

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