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Thou Shall Not Kill

June 28, 2014

Is there more to ‘thou shall not kill’ than first meets the eye?

Beyond the disturbing idea of actually ending the physical life of people, animals or plants (remember the stories about plants screaming as they’re pulled from the ground?), are there other forms of murder?

I think killing someone’s spirit, or someone’s aspirations or dreams is another way of taking someone’s life.

You’ve been there.  So have I.  Someone casually throws out an opinion that stays with you, an opinion that makes you feel small, or weak, or less than you are.  Something that kills your spirit.  And they don’t even know they did it.

Or just as appalling, you do it to yourself—with your harsh judgments and comparisons and crazy expectations.

So I’m trying to make sure that my words and behaviors nurture the life and the vibrancy of everyone in my life, even if they’re not in the room.

Of course neither of us will do it perfectly.  I will again unintentionally say something hurtful.  I’ll be on automatic pilot and it will be in head/out mouth.  And I hope we can both forgive me and return to our intention to add rather than take away from each other.

Much love,


  1. Initially, I was reminded of all the times I felt broken by the words of others. Then I recalled times when I am sure that my words were hurtful to someone else. Whether I felt those words were justified or not, and whether they were purposeful or not, they hurt. Thank you for the reminder to be more respectful to ourselves and others!

    • Robyn says:

      Totally with you Jen! Very very easy for me to see everybody else’s thoughtlessness–I have to work at keeping my attention on my own; doesn’t come quite so naturally.

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