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You can’t plan small miracles

January 27, 2012.

My smoke alarm went off.  Called my can-fix-anything handyman when I couldn’t figure out how to shut it off.  He directed me to take off the cover and unhook all the wires, etc. (it’s electric, not battery operated).  That didn’t stop the beeping.  Every 30 seconds or so there was a piercing chirp that made it clear I wouldn’t be sleeping that night.  He squeezed me into a tight schedule and agreed to come over the next afternoon to find the problem.

Immediately after we hung up, the chirping stopped.  It was 9:45 pm.  It just stopped.  I went to bed immediately to get whatever sleep I could.    I woke up at 4:15 the next morning when it started again.  I was well rested and completely blown away.  It continued chirping until my handyman arrived.

Weird, impossible-to-anticipate, small miracles happen.  Enjoy them and give them more attention than you give the small problems.

Whatever we put our attention on grows.

Much love,