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Antidotes to Perfectionism

May 6, 2015

True and maybe not as trite as we thought:

The easiest path to self-improvement is self-acceptance.  It has to start there.

Or said another way, ‘You’re perfect as you are.  And there’s always room for a little improvement.’ Shunryu Suzuki

You’re a mixed bag.  Play with it!

For a small charge you can take the StrengthsFinder2.0 assessment online, or simply ask someone whose opinion you respect what they think your top five strengths are.

Believe them.  Focus on one of your strengths every day for a week.  Do that for five weeks and see how you feel.

At the same time, start owning your neuroses.  See if you can come up with five.  Here are a few of mine:  I’m afraid of riding in buses and sailboats and I’m not wild about flying—control is totally an issue!  I can eat the same thing for breakfast for weeks on end.  Sometimes I can feel  really insecure and wonder what it’s all about.  So what?!  There’s a huge benefit to eating the same thing for breakfast every day – I wake up knowing I have at least one thing figured out.  I may be afraid of riding in buses and boats, but I have an inordinate love for my car and I like the idea of driving a motorbike.  And finally I suspect that my insecurities offer a nice balance to my know-it-allness!

Put your neuroses in perspective by reframing and seeing them for what they are – idiosyncrasies that make you you.  And recognize that they’re also things you can do something about if you choose to.  I’m considering having something different for breakfast this morning.

Figure out who you really are.  All of it.  And then rock it!

Much love,


  1. A fan says:

    Thanks for a perfectly needed read this morning.

    My reaction: Don’t mess with breakfast! Go for a bus ride instead 🙂


    A fellow know-it-all with insecurities and a love of letting routines create room for growth

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