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You Probably Already Know This

May 17, 2015

Maybe I’m preaching to the choir because you already do this.  But if I’m not, and if self-care has tended to be the last priority on your list, this may be for you.

The gist of the outcome of a macro study on daily exercise is the following:

If every day you do either a vigorous 2 mile walk or 10 mile bike ride, you may reduce your risk of cognitive decline, dementia or Alzheimer’s by 60%!!

I don’t know if that percentage is accurate.  But I suspect we all have one relative we can point to on the family tree who makes us just a little nervous about our future.  So whether it turns out I’m reducing the odds by 30% or 60% I’m in!

The topping on this sundae is that you might also have a positive impact on your mood – another macro study outcome shows that symptoms of both depression and anxiety can be reduced by 30 minutes a day of vigorous walking.  So walk your dogs, get out to a park or the closest prairie path, and if worst comes to worst, run in place in front of one of your favorite TV shows – I do it all the time.

Much love,