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Home Is Where The Heart Is

September 30, 2013

Maybe there’s a more profound meaning behind that trite but true phrase.

If my heart is closed I’m not at home anywhere.

My heart closes when I experience fear in any shape, form or permutation.  It’s an automatic programmed reaction that I’ve practiced for a lifetime and honed to a skill. And it has at times served me well. It’s protected me and I’m grateful for what I suspect is simply my psyche’s intention to keep me safe.

I realized some time ago that closing my heart no longer serves me.  Because I no longer need to be protected from myself.  I can trust myself to use good judgment in terms of who and what I bring into my life and how I handle what life hands me.

When I remember to stop, breathe, soften my belly and my jaw and my shoulders, and ask myself what feels right in this moment, I intuitively know what to do. And today, more often than not, I choose to do it. Which is huge  progress for me.

How much do you trust yourself that you can take care of yourself if you leave your heart open?  Not crazy open without regard for reality. But open because you know that you are enough and that if you get quiet enough you have the ability to take care yourself.

I’d so love to hear your thoughts on this one. Please comment below. 



  1. Susie Coultis says:

    Love this Robyn. I’ve really been working on this awareness and it’s crazy what a difference circumstances are for me when I think of them from my heart rather than from my head. I know it’s where God wants us to be and I’m choosing to be there in my life. Can you imagine our world if everyone lived from thier heart each moment of their life? Have a great week my friend!

    • Robyn says:

      I’m with you! And I’m also aware it’s so much easier said than done. But I love the idea of having the intention. It doesn’t mean I’ll do it perfectly, or as often as I’d like, but more often than if I don’t have the intention. Robyn

  2. Dick says:

    Robyn’s quote: “When I remember to stop, breathe, soften my belly and my jaw and my shoulders, and ask myself what feels right in this moment, I intuitively know what to do.”

    I have noticed lately, and this phrase reminds me, that I go around all tensed up. My neck, shoulders are tight, and my breathing shallow…am I in a constant state of fear? Is everybody out to get me? Can I trust no one? Why am I cynical?

    I am closed off. So…right this instant I promise myself, that I will often stop, release the tension from my body, breathe deeply several times, relax my mouth.

    Fear dissipates, then disappears. I remind myself that as I lean into my fears, they flee. I have learned that 95% of my fears never happen. The other 5% are mostly good.

    Serenity, calm, dwelling in the present moment…and enjoying each moment.

    • Robyn says:

      I loved the reminder that sometimes my fears might be alerting me to something I’ll end up thinking is good! Robyn

  3. Stephanie says:

    Robyn, Seedlings felt as if you were writing to me specifically this morning! I am NOT good about protecting myself and over the years I have noticed that I close off as a way of protecting myself from certain people. I love the thought that opening your heart should not get in the way of reality, and that you should trust yourself enough to make the right decisions for you. Brilliant!

    XO, Stephanie

    • Robyn says:

      Love that–everybody holds tension in different ‘parts’…so even just offering your body a general direction to ‘soften’ can create a significant change. Robyn

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