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Pause, Breathe, Notice Your Story, Soften Your Body

January 6, 2015

A while back I gave you a quick (takes seconds) process for calming your mind…any time, any place.

The more I practice, the more powerful it seems.  Clients are telling me it’s working for them.

Pause – means just that.  Stop whatever you’re doing so that you can check in with yourself before your next action…

Breathe – put your attention on your next breath.  That will ground and center you enough so that you can…

Notice your story – whatever you’re thinking, notice and allow it.  Painful, proud, sad, happy, resentful – notice it and then…

Soften your body – put your attention on noticing the physical sensations in your body, dropping your shoulders, relaxing your belly, your jaw, your forehead, anything that’s tight and tense and closed.

Play with it.  Don’t work on it.

You’ll know you’re playing when it feels like a gentle process, each step flowing into the next.  You’ll know you’re working when you forget a step and tell yourself you did it wrong.  You can’t do it wrong.  It’s play!

To help you play I’ve had reminder cards printed up.  If you want one send me an email with your street address and I’ll put it in the mail to you.  And I promise, I won’t do anything with your address except send you a card!

My goal is to spread the word that mindfulness needn’t be a chore nor is it a mystery.  It can, however, be magic.

Much love,


  1. Dick says:

    Yo, Bobbi, Bro-in-law here, please include me. Love your stuff…today’s, Jan 25, post was full of helpful reminders.

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