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December 25, 2014

2014 has been an especially sad-glad year of losses, learnings, growth and loving.

Sad because my mom recently passed, and glad for so many reasons I can’t count or even remember them all.  But because it’s so fresh, mom’s loss is certainly top of mind.

This short blog represents a learning, a simple reminder note to myself, to literally ‘delight in the moment’.  I’ve decided not to wait for salvation or whatever may or may not come.  Today, right now, I’m going to delight in being with you, with whoever’s in front of me, and with whatever shows up.  Even if I didn’t pick it. Even if I don’t like it!

So regardless of what I’ve lost, I haven’t lost you, or me, or this moment. So I will cherish all three with all my heart and wring every last ounce of love out of each of them.

Much love,


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