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Today’s the Day

July 8, 2012

Here’s one of my dreams.

We all wake up together on the same page.

We realize today is the day.

Not tomorrow.

Not when I…..

Not if I….


We walk out of the house and we really see.

Blinders off.

We see each other from the inside out.

We see the significance of each decision we make.

We see that each moment holds the blueprint for all the
other moments.

And each of us remembers it’s up to us to change the world,
not them.

Can’t wait to see you today!


    • robyn1001 says:

      Thanks Kim. When I read this I realized that we can ‘see’ eachother without being in the same place 🙂 R.

  1. Scott says:

    Just as important as seeing each other is seeing ourselves from the inside out I think. We all either hold onto or have held onto beliefs about ourselves that may or may not prove to be true in the end.

    My dream:

    Waking up and realizing that all those labels I’ve attached to myself are finally gone so I can finally live my life without fear of “having” to be a certain person or act a way simply because of some expectation (within reason of course).

    Being able to look at myself in the mirror and honestly say that I’m doing the very best I can at everything I do so I can model that behavior for my son, but knowing that my best may not be as good as somebody else’s best and being okay with it.

    I’ve always felt it starts with the self. I’m learning that I don’t model as well as I talk about for some things. And while it’s okay, I’m learning to recognize it. It’s tough, but nothing worth doing right ever is. And I’m fine with it being a lifelong process of progression. I’m working on it with the help of my family and friends.

  2. Your Name*Bill says:

    Very lovely – and an inspiring reminder of what a wonder this/we are. Also timely as I hope to see you soon. Bill

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