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Want a More Peaceful 2021?

By Holmes Su on Shutterstock

Loosen the Iron Grip You’ve had on Some of Your Thoughts.


January 24, 2021


Believing every thought we think isn’t a problem. Unless we assume our ideas and opinions represent facts.


“If you learn nothing else from me, or this program, remember this. Challenge everything you believe, everything you think you know, and every idea you think is complete. I guarantee you, most of your thoughts aren’t your thoughts. They’re a combination of everyone else’s thoughts. Hold them lightly.”




Not everyone is going to come on board. Some people are so attached to their ideas and beliefs that they will continue to wreak havoc, either overtly or covertly.

The good news is that in the United States, those who want to wreak havoc are still in the minority. If we commit to making a positive difference, our voices will be more powerful and have more substance than theirs.

Being open and receptive takes work. But recognizing the alternatives–knee-jerk reactivity, ignorance, unfounded biases, impulsive decision-making, and even violence–makes it worth the work..

There’s a group called Braver Angels that’s doing amazing work across the country bringing groups with completely opposing beliefs together to learn from each other. Check them out.

Let’s allow curiosity to soften our iron grip.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts. Please check in if this resonates.

Much love,


  1. Dick says:

    Let’s challenge our thoughts by changing the dialogue from “Let me tell you how it is,” to “Please tell me how you arrived at your perspective,” or “What do you think?”

    Love it…I needed that!

  2. Ed Gorman says:

    One of the tools I am learning to embrace is the journaling – examining my own thoughts , feelings and challenging my long held beliefs seeing their effects on my family . For me this is a good place to start . Regular meditation also helps .

    • Robyn says:

      Ed, I’m so happy for you (and your family). I hope your awareness that beliefs not only affect us, they affect everyone around us, makes it easier to do the work. Thank you for sharing.

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