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Voila! New Site – New Offering

June 24, 2015

Yesterday we went live with our new, and we hope improved, PIML (Partners in Mindful Living) website!  We wanted to make it more user friendly for iPhones or whatever electronic device you’re using to get to us.  Many, many, many thanks to my intrepid and creative website designer, Kim LeClair, who every single time brings my vague ideas and feelings about what I want into concrete reality on the website.

Asking a big favor.  If you get a chance we’ll so appreciate you checking it out (here’s the link) and navigating around the site a bit.  And then let us know what you think and if there are any bugs we haven’t caught.

My other news is that we’ve created and produced a new mindfulness tool and it’s for sale.  Click here 7 Days (and More) of Mindfulness for details.  It’s a deck of cards that we hope will entice you to playfully explore who you are and how you want to show up in your life.  If you have any questions about it that aren’t answered on the page, email me directly and I’ll always answer.

If you do take a moment to navigate around the site and have a comment or a suggestion you can fill out a comment right here, or send me an email or facebook message—whatever is most convenient.

I don’t think I say it often enough.  Heartfelt thanks to you for your support and for letting me know that you continue to read and look forward to getting Seedlings.  As long as you let me know you enjoy them, I’ll keep writing them!

Much love,


  1. Janet Diskin-Sipolt says:

    Robyn, keep seedlings coming I’m enjoying them. Website looks great. Love what you are doing and in such a positive way. Janet

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